An Anarchist FAQ in pdf format

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An Anarchist FAQ: After 21 years

Volume 1

Volume 2

An Anarchist FAQ: After 10 years

Introduction to Volume 2



Introduction to Volume 1


Section A: What is Anarchism?

Section G: Is individualist anarchism capitalistic?

Section B: Why do anarchists oppose the current system?

Section H: Why do anarchists oppose state socialism?

Section C: What are the myths of capitalist economics?

Section I: What would an anarchist society look like?

Section D: How do statism and capitalism affect society?

Section J: What do anarchists do?

Section E: What do anarchists think causes ecological problems?


Section F: Is "anarcho"-capitalism a type of anarchism?


Appendix: The Symbols of Anarchy


Supplementary Material

Revised appendices only

Appendix: Anarchism and Marxism

      Reply to errors and distortions in David McNally's pamphlet "Socialism from Below"

      Marxists and Spanish Anarchism

Appendix: The Russian Revolution

      What was the Kronstadt Rebellion?

      What caused the degeneration of the Russian Revolution?

      How did Bolshevik ideology contribute to the failure of the Revolution?

      Were any of the Bolshevik oppositions a real alternative?