Our Masters are Helpless: The Essays of George Barrett

Highly active in the 1910s particularly, Barrett was a key organiser for the anarchist movement during the Great Unrest, which saw a significant syndicalist influence, and widely considered to be one of its best speakers and clearest writers. Edited by Anarchist FAQ lead author Iain McKay, Our Masters are Helpless puts together Barrett’s best pamphlets and articles, mostly written for Freedom Newspaper, highlighting his intelligent, accessible approach to anarchist theory and practice in the face of the mounting inevitability of war.


Published by Freedom Press


George Barrett: A Biographical Sketch by Iain McKay

The Anarchist Revolution

The Last War

Objections to Anarchism

Articles for Freedom

• Some Quotations

• Industrial Organisation

• Godless Anarchy

• Night and Morning

• Anarchy and the Labour War

• The Education of the Rebel

• The Curse of Compromise

• An Appeal to Socialists

Reports and Letters for Freedom

• Propaganda Notes

• “Justice” and Emma Goldman

• G. Barrett’s Tour

• The Scottish Conference

• A Call to Action

• The Voice of Labour

• A New Venture

Appendix: International Anarchist Manifesto on the War