A Libertarian Reader

Fighting for Freedom, 1857-2016

160 Years of Fighting for Freedom

Edited by

Iain McKay

Libertarian was first coined in 1857 to summarise opposition to the authoritarian relations generated by the state, capitalism and patriarchy – and the desire to end them. This anthology brings together libertarian writings from the next 160 years, all united by a love of freedom and seeking to change the world to allow every individual to flourish.

Articles by thinkers and activists from all libertarian schools are included: anarchists, council communists, situationists, autonomists, guild socialists and revolutionary syndicalists raise their voices in fighting for freedom.

These writings will aid today’s struggles against every hierarchy – whether political, economic, or social – and bring a free socialist society closer.

In four volumes

Volume 1 (1857-1896)   Volume 2 (1897-1936)
Volume 3 (1937-1976)   Volume 4 (1977-2016)

Published by Active Distribution