Property is Theft! blog

Welcome to the new blog for the new Pierre-Joseph Proudhon anthology, Property is Theft! This is due to be published in November this year by AK Press and will mark the 170th anniversary of Proudhon's What is Property? and the birth of anarchism as a named socio-economic theory.

The material in the book will be slowly included in this webpage over the coming year. Proudhon's 1849 letter to Utopian Socialist Pierre Leroux is the first document to be uploaded. In addition, the index of the book is accessible via an easy to remember url:

In addition, supplemental material by and on Proudhon will be added to this site, plus links to complete on-line versions of books we provide extracts of.

We hope that this material will help aid understanding of why Proudhon was considered so important by the likes of Bakunin, Kropotkin and Rocker and fill a hole in our understanding of the evolution and meaning of anarchism. In addition, it will hopefully increase appreciation of Proudhon and his many contributions to libertarian socialist thought.