A note on the translations

All the texts have been translated in British English rather than American English.

In addition, certain parts of previous translations have been corrected to bring their meaning more in line with the original French (as such consistently translating “salariat” as wage-labour or wage-worker, “entrepreneur” rather than “contractor”, etc.), popular usage (such as replacing Tucker’s “property is robbery” with “property is theft”), or to bring them up-to-date (such as “worker” rather than “labourer”). Workman, working men, etc., have been changed to worker, workers, etc. This is because they sound antiquated, are unnecessarily gendered in English and using workman simply reflects the unthinking cultural sexism of translators from previous generations. In addition, it reads better and fits in with the new translations which render it as worker. We have used the original “Commune” in the translation of General Idea of the Revolution while words Tucker did not translate, like proletaire, have been translated.

Finally, I have revised and edited all the translations and, as a consequence, I take full responsibility for any errors that may occur in the texts.