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For Anarchist Resistance

Founded by Albert Meltzer and Stuart Christie in 1968, our journal was originally named the Bulletin of the Anarchist Black Cross before being renamed Black Flag in 1971. It retained the sub-title Bulletin or Organ of the Anarchist Black Cross until the early 1980s.

Black Flag has seen many formats and frequencies over its five decades of existence. At times a fortnightly newspaper (as during the Miners’ Strike of 1984-5), sometimes a quarterly, bi-annual or annual magazine, whether subtitled “for anarchist resistance” or “excitingly irregular”, it always presented a mixture of current struggles and libertarian history. We aim to continue this.

This incarnation will be a bi-annual journal following in the footsteps Cienfuegos Press Anarchist Review of the 1970s. It will be a collection of new translations, rare articles and reprints of the best libertarian articles and reviews, whether modern or old. We will continue its tradition of advocating class struggle anarchism (whether syndicalist or not) and we are open to articles from that tradition or those close to it.

Named after the anarchist flag, raised in countless revolts across the world and symbolising the struggle against oppresssion and exploitation, our journal aims to continue this proud tradition.

Contributions from libertarian socialists are welcome. We are a small collective and always need help in writing, translating and gathering material, so please get in touch if you want to see Black Flag Anarchist Review continue.